Y-cord call-center training cable

Y-cord call-center training cable

  • training cable
  • single quick-disconnector splits into two
  • connects to any standard Accutone
  • telephone headsets

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BT703 In-car charger

BT703 In car changer


AU400 RJ-USB headset converter

AU400 USB Converter

Maximizing the use of your existing telephone headset saves not just money, but also desk-space. This is why the AU400 is so popular, with its ability to convert any Accutone

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BT703 Wall charger

BT703 Wall Charger

  • 230v/50Hz, 3-rectangular prongs
  • Compliant to British Standards
  • Durable and reliable

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A20 Telephone Headset Amplifier

a20 omega high compatibility PC & Telephone Amplifier

For advanced users, or those older telephone models, the A20 Omega is the perfect telephone amplifiers to choose. Aside from various configuration switch like pin-alignment and microphone-type selectors, A20 also offers online/mute status indicator

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Direct Connect Cables

AVAC Cable Adaptor

Direct headset connection cable
bottom cable with preset pin-alignment

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QD Mute Switch quick mute cable connector

QD Mute Switch

  • quick microphone mute during calls
  • insert between any headset and QD cable
  • connects to any standard Accutone telephone headsets.


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