TB710 Binaural Headset For Call Centre

TB710 Binaural Headset

If you’re looking for the perfect balance between durability and comfort this headset is the one for you. No longer are the two key ingredients in telecommunications headsets mutually exclusive. This headset works exceptionally well as an all round call centre headset. The earpiece fits on the product using a flexible fitting that will move within a large range of angles so it rests comfortably on your ear. Along with a flexible ear piece the headband is full adjustable to all head sizes. This headset can guarantee a comfortable ride throughout the most stressful of call centre days.

The TB710 Professional Binaural Headset incorporates the newest technology when it comes to getting a crystal clear, accurate signal. The microphone encompasses noise cancelling that will prevent the surrounding background noise from being picked up and magnified. This means that even in a busy call centre the user won’t need to raise their voice over the necessary level to get a good signal through this device. There is also a built in Acoustic Shock Protection (ASP) Technology that protects the user from high noise levels. ASP keeps the output signal at a consistent and suitable level for the human ear. This means that any abrupt, high volume noise will be reduced to normal hearing levels, protecting the users ear and giving a consistent volume throughout the call.

  • Over-the-head binaural version
  • Perfect balance of durability and Lightweight
  • Elegant curves designed for executives and professionals
  • Minimalist architecture designed by Award-winning designers
  • Bendable microphone arm to fit all face-shapes and user perferences
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Acoustic shock protection (asp) circuitry
  • Quick-disconnecting cable